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Hi I’m Stace the enchanting Aussie unicorn with a fiery passion for living life on my own terms, giving a big FCK YES to aligned goodness that comes my way, and a hearty FCK U to

all the "rules" !

Here to light the world on fire by living out loud!

I’m an empowered Embodiment and Vocal Activation guide and healer.

My dream is to create a global movement that'll revolutionize how we view embodiment, self-love, and intimacy & give it a powerful voice! My journey to becoming a guide was born from my struggles growing up with PTSD, addiction, trauma and disconnection. But with courage and determination, I now live each day filled with joy, love and freedom.

With a multitude of certifications under my belt, including Vinyasa Yoga, Embodied Vocal Liberation, Reiki I & II Energetics, and Intuitive Healing, I’ve traveled the world in search of inspired truth, and that journey has led me to create unique healing programs, workshops & retreat experiences that uplift and empower. Also a certified instructor of The Feminine Frequency Formula™️ & Cosmic Sexuality™️, it is my mission through spirit and depth of experience to guide people back home to their truest selves.

Are you ready to discover your soul's revolution? Together let’s light the way.